Image result for avon repfest 2017I had the marvelous opportunity to experience Avon Repfest 2017, along with  several other Team Endurance members. Have a peak at the video above of all the fun that occured at Repfest! Then check out all the information we received about upcoming products, training, incentives, and more!


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Avon is partnering with project runway as their official beauty partner every week! This not only gives the Avon Brand more spotlight, but also allows representatives to promote their business and recruit.  One such way to do so, is scheduling viewing parties with your friends and family, so while you all are enjoying project runway, you can sell some great Avon goodies too!



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Rory the Lion Fundraiser!

Looking to raise money for your organization, school, or church? Avon is the answer! You can have a Rory the Lion Fundraiser and choose to either donate the plush lions, OR you can use the earnings to put toward  a specific organization. What better way to raise money then with Avon?

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Cruise Like A Boss!

Cruise like a boss

Avon is about to reward representatives you achieve incentive points for selling, recruiting, and overall just building their business. Each time you increase your sales, or get a new Qualified Recruit, you earn points.  What a great way to spend an all expense paid vacation on a cruise to Bermuda!

See more details below:

Incentive Flyer
Incentive Guide


Drive Like a Boss!

drive like a boss

You also have the opportunity to win a brand new Mini Cooper in 4 stylish colors based on Avon’s True Color Department. Earn drawing chances to win the Mini  Cooper by increasing sales or for bringing in a Qualified New Recruit!

See more details below:

Incentive Flyer
Incentive Guide
Terms and Conditions


Avon is known for their fabulous Christmas gifts during the holiday season and this year is no different! Check out a few photos of what’s to come!

christmas expo picchristmas expo pic 13christmas expo pic 10christmas expo pic2

There’s so much more planned, but I don’t want to spoil it for ya, so stay tuned for upcoming  Christmas specials!



AVON is set to launch their very own Health and Wellness Brand in January 2018 called Espira. These products  include dietary supplements, sleep relaxation supplements, mood enhancers, and protein powder shakes in vanilla and chocolate.

This is perfect for those concerned about their health! espira logo


If you aren’t an Avon Representative, and would like to get in on all the great stuff coming up soon, check out how to get started below!

joinavon_arrow1) Go to www.BecomeABeautyRep.com

2) Fill out the contact form and application w/all required info!

3) Choose your starter kit that best fits your budget, and you’re an Avon Rep!



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