Myths and Facts about being an Avon Rep

Many times people will consider becoming an Avon Representative, but often dismiss  the idea because of the thought of having to invest money for  a starter kit turns them away. Or the thought of having to “sell” something sends shivers down their spine. Why is it that  when  people think of selling Avon, that it has turned into a negative action instead of a positive one?

Here  are some myths and truths about Avon to take into consideration if you are thinking about becoming an  Avon Representative.


Myth 1: Avon is a scam. You  end up owing money to them rather than  making money.

FACT: Avon is NOT a scam. Avon has been around for over 130+ years; most “scam” companies don’t last that long.  Also, if you manage your bills wisely, you won’t  end up owing anything to Avon. Avon has it to where you make money based on how much you sell. The system works like this:

  1. You have customers who order from you and give you a total order of $500.
  2. Avon gives you a discount (also known as your earnings) based on your  order  size. For a $500 order, you would earn 40%. 
  3. Avon will charge you $300 for your order (not including tax or shipping), and you EARN $200. 
  4. You have customers pay you the FULL PRICE listed in the brochure for products. 
  5. You collect all $500 from customers, pay Avon the $300, and keep $200 as your  earnings/profit.
Myth 2: The starter kits are too expensive.

FACT: The  starter kits are to help you  build your business. When  you  start a new job, you  have to buy things like  non slip shoes, work uniforms, etc. With Avon, the cost to join is as low as $25. However, the choice to invest MORE in your BUSINESS is up to you. Keep in mind, this is  a BUSINESS investment, and for $25, that’s pretty cheap!

Myth 3: No one ever buys from  you.  It’s a waste of time

FACT: The only  reason no one would buy from  you is if you don’t put  any effort into the business at all.  It takes some time to build this business,  but it  is well worth it if you keep at it.

In order to have customers buy from you, you need to follow 2 rules:1) MAKING CONNECTIONS and 2) GETTING CONTACT INFORMATION.

When you build a relationship with your customer, get to know them, ask them questions, and so on, you are making a connection. This helps the customer learn to TRUST you as an Avon Representative. Lastly, getting contact information allows you to FOLLOW UP with the customer, letting them know when you place their order and seeing if they have any questions.


Myth 4: You can’t make any  money with Avon.

FACT: THIS IS A BIG FAT LIE! You CAN make money with AVON, you just have to  WORK for it. Build your business everyday by passing out brochures and collecting  contact information from everyone you come in  contact with. Remind  customers your order goes in  soon and you would like their email or phone number to let them know when your order goes in. The more you continually build, the more your business will grow, and the more MONEY you  will make. You can’t make a FULL TIME income  treating Avon  like a hobby. Get out there and build it BIG!


Interested in learning more about  becoming an Avon Sales Representative? The opportunity is available! Just follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Go to

  2. Fill out the contact form and the online application

  3. Choose your kit, submit your information, and you’re  an Avon Rep!

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