Need a skincare regimen? Take the AVON Skincare Advisor Quiz!

Skin care quiz

 Are you not sure what might be the best skincare for you? Why not take the AVON skincare advisor quiz and discover the perfect regimen for your skin. It’s easy! Check out the steps below to figure out how the skincare advisor quiz can help you!




Step 1 skin care quiz

Enter your name to begin consultation, then choose your skin type. Do you have sensitive skin, or normal skin?



Step 2:

For the sake of this demonstration, let’s choose normal skin. You will then be taken to this screen, where you can choose what type of products you already use.

step 2 skin care quiz

Let’s say that since we aren’t sure what type of skincare regimen would be best for us, that we use “fewer than 3” skin care products in our daily routine.



How many hours do you regularly sleep? More than 7 or LESS than 7 hours? Select the option that fits you most. In our demonstration, we will choose “More than 7 hours of sleep.”

step 3



step 4 skin care quiz

What type of lifestyle do you usually go through? Urban? Indoors with AC/Heat? Outdoors with sun exposure? The skincare quiz will assess your needs based on what your skin is exposed to most. For this demonstration we will choose “Urban lifestyle”



What’s your skin type? Is your skin really dry, oily, normal, etc? Choose the option that  best fits your skin type. In this demonstration,  we will say we have “Sensitive” skin.

step 5 skin care



Which concern do you want to focus on the most? Wrinkles? Dryness? Loss of firmness? What about All of the above? Most people have a combination of skin care concerns. For this demonstration we will choose “All of the above.”

step 6 skin care quiz


Step 7:

step 7 skin care quiz

Is there one skin concern out of all the others you specifically want to target? If so you can choose which one is your MAIN focus, or, if all of them are very bothersome to you, choose “All of the above.” Since we have concerns for more then one skin issue, we will again choose “All of the above.”


Step 8:

Step 8 skin care quiz

When a new skin care formula is introduced, are you the first to jump the gun and try it? If so, then choosing the “yes” option is perfect for you. If you like to stick to a particular routine that you believe works REALLY well for your skin, then choose the “No” option. Let’s say that we would like to keep our routine the same, so we will choose the “No” option.



Skin care regimen

Usually with a skin care regimen, you  want to start out with a cleanser, then a serum, and then your day cream, night cream, and eye cream. Not only will this regimen  enhance our skin’s vitality, but it will also reduce signs of aging and make skin regain firmness. What’s even better  is that you also have the option to get this regimen on Auto-Replenish, which means the skin care regimen will be shipped to you automatically with FREE shipping during every 4 weeks or so to keep your regimen stocked so you never run out! Sounds great right?

Skin care regimen recommended



To find out what skincare regimen might be perfect for YOU, start taking the  skin care advisor quiz, by clicking here!




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