Sell Avon: Earn $1,000 in 90 days!


Are you interested in becoming an Avon representative yourself? Have you wondered what the perks might be? How much money you’ll make? If it will even be worth the time and effort??


Here’s a few facts to help you in your decision to become an Avon Sales Rep.

  1. How much do Avon Sales Representatives make now?

As of Sept. 16th, 2016, Avon has launched a new Kickstart program which enables NEW representatives to have the opportunity to earn $1,010 in  90 days.

  • How does the Kickstart Program work?

You have 3 components that will help you to achieve the $1,000 goal: Sales goals, recruiting goals, and the performance kicker. When you achieve all 3 of these components then you can earn the $1000.

When you reach each campaign’s sales goal you have the opportunity to earn 40% on EVERYTHING. This includes clothes, shoes, and Living items which are normally 20-25% for regular reps. As a new rep, you can earn even MORE from these to help you earn MORE money at the beginning of your business.

Below is a chart to show you the sales goals and how much  you can earn from each campaign.


1ST CAMPAIGN $150 5-6 $60
2ND CAMPAIGN $200 6-8 $80
3RD CAMPAIGN $250 8-10 $100
4TH CAMPAIGN $300 10-12 $120
5TH CAMPAIGN $350 12-14 $140
6TH CAMPAIGN $400 14-16 $160

You also get bonuses when you recruit other reps. This allows you to earn $150 if you recruit 3 reps that ALSO meet sales goals.

Lastly, you can get a $200 kicker bonus if you meet or exceed your sales AND recruiting goals.

So pretty much here’s how it works:


For full details on the KICKSTART program, click here!


You now have the option to choose from 3 different starter kits to help get your business off the ground. Depending on how much you are willing to invest in your business, that is. You can choose between a $25, $50, or $100 starter kit. See the photo below for details on the kits and what they include:

3.) How much do I make selling Avon online?

As a new representative in the Kickstart program, you would earn 40% when you have people place orders with you on your eStore. After the Kickstart program period has ended, you make a base percentage of 20-25%. That’s right!! E-store sales count as your earnings for 40% too!

Image result for avon online

4.) How long does a campaign last?

A campaign for Avon goes on for 2 weeks from the time you place your order until your next order is due. However, you can also sell from other campaigns as well. Just as long as they are within 2 campaign periods before your current campaign. SO for example. Say you are on campaign 22. You can still sell out of campaign 21 and 20 brochures by backordering from them so customers can still get those sale prices.

5.) Where do I go to get started?

  1. Go online to 
  2. Fill out the contact form and online application. (Usually takes no more than 5-10 minutes)
  3.  Choose the starter kit you would like and then you’re an Avon rep!
  4. Once you have enrolled, go online to and register with your account number and district number.

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