Use Social Media to Promote your Avon business!

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The Avon Social Media Center allows Avon representatives to promote their Avon business on the various social media outlets available online such as: Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and Twitter. With these posts, Avon reps are able to create more online impressions and reach out to individuals all across the globe.

So how does it work?

It’s plain and simple. You can use the social media center to promote special products, coupon deals, or even recruit new representatives. The video below is a step-by-step tutorial on how to operate the Avon Social Media tool from your computer, smart phone {i-phone or Android}, or tablet. Watch how to utilize the Avon Social Media Center below:

The best part?

All Avon social media posts that you display on your social media outlets link straight to your web office. No hassle of having to worry about if your customer is directed to the right link or if they are even shopping with YOU. You can even track your progress to see how you are performing, who has been clicking on your posts, and then plan accordingly on what and when you plan to post.

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Click here to download the Avon Social Media Center

Interested in starting a career with Avon?


With Avon, the earnings are only limited by the amount of work you do! Why not start making money today!?

  • Just go

  • Fill out the online contact form & the online application with all required information.

  • Choose the $15 starter kit for your basic business supplies, then TA DA! You’re an Avon rep!

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