Is AVON a scam?

“Avon is a scam;” “Avon is a pyramid scheme;” “You can’t make money with Avon;” How many times have you heard this? How many times have you read articles or opinions based on these statements? Probably more often then not, right?

The fact of the matter is that Avon is NOT a scam. Can you make money with Avon? Absolutely! Is Avon a pyramid scheme? No. Avon is a MLM  {Multi-Level Marketing} company which means that the company is built on direct sales or network marketing. Direct sales involves cutting out the middle man and only brings about the exchange of products between the customer and the representative, without the hassle of dealing with a large corporation.


Let’s touch basis on a couple of these points to sort of…clear the air.


Many people will join Avon with excitement in hopes of making tons of money over the course of a few weeks or even a few months. I am sorry to say that Avon is no “Get Rich Quick” Scheme. It takes time, patience, and persistence to be able to build a successful business with Avon. Some Avon reps became successful within 8 months (granted they had to work VERY hard to get there), others it took them 2, 5, even 10 years to expand their business.

Think of your Avon business as a plant. In order to care for the plant, you need to water it, make sure it has enough sunlight, and nurture it to help it grow. Your business is the same way. It will take baby steps to see the fruits of your labor. Once you get there though, it will be worth every ounce of hard work you put into it.

Is Avon A Pyramid Scheme?

First, to answer this question, let’s talk about what a “pyramid scheme” is. A pyramid scheme usually will consist of grand promises, huge sums of cash, and minimal work. Most of the time it involves recruiting people underneath you to gain any type of financial aid. However, the difference between MLM and a Pyramid Scheme is that MLM involves the selling of a product where as a pyramid scheme often will not have a product at all and only require you to add more “recruits” for more “compensation.

Avon representatives can make money from Avon in 3 ways.

1) They can earn from online sales.

2) They can earn from personal/face-to-face sales.

3) They can earn from leadership.

Avon also involves the selling of products which doesn’t necessarily require you to join leadership to make profit. Many sales representatives have reached President’s Council or higher JUST off of sales alone. Some representatives choose not even to join leadership and stick strictly to selling the products; and make decent money from it!

Therefore, because you can earn in more ways then just recruiting, Avon is NOT a Pyramid Scheme.



You can be very successful with Avon, but in order to make money, and I am talking like “quit your job” kind of money, you have to work your business…EVERYDAY! A few tips for building your Avon business involve talking to new people about Avon, Passing out brochures, and collecting contact information to follow up with. Keep in mind though, you won’t make any money if you sit around waiting for the phone to ring with orders. YOU have to be the one to remind people that your orders go in. THE FORTUNE IS IN THE FOLLOW UP!!

Interested in starting a career with Avon?


With Avon, the earnings are only limited by the amount of work you do! Why not start making money today!?

  • Just go

  • Fill out the online contact form & the online application with all required information.

  • Choose the $15 starter kit for your basic business supplies, then TA DA! You’re an Avon rep!


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