If you are an Avon representative interested in selling Avon online or face to face, you have come to the right place! I made this blog in hopes that everyone would understand how to sell more Avon either online or in person. Through proper training, you can learn how to make the most of your Avon website, market your Avon business with social media, and make more money with Avon online sales or in person!

 I started my Avon business thinking I would just make a little extra money aside from a real “JOB” but now, Avon has become SO much more then that! It is a business that I am building and hoping to retire with someday! 

 Whether you signed up to become an Avon representative to supplement your earnings, replace your full-time job, or needed a primary means of income, we all joined Avon to make money

Too many Avon reps join with high hopes and are let down way too quickly when the sales are not instantaneous.  

 The traditional “door-to-door” way of selling Avon still works for some but with an increase in working women, people spending less time at home, and the greater need for instant gratification, some Avon customers are looking for a way to find their favorite Avon products without meeting an Avon representative face-to-face. However, the face to face option is still a great way to build your business. Sometimes you can even refer your customers whom you come in contact with to shop your website!

In my opinion, you will need to work multiple aspects of your Avon business in order to become a successful Avon representative. For example, you should be focusing your energy not only on building traditional sales, but also increasing your online sales and establishing or growing your leadership team (should you choose to focus on building a team)  to maximize your success. 

When you focus your energy on different areas of your Avon business, you will see an increase in your overall Avon earnings.

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    • Hi Sabrina! Sales tax depends on the state you live in. For example in South Carolina the sales tax is 6%. To start selling Avon, go online to http://www.BecomeABeautyRep.com fill out all of the required info in the contact form and application, choose your kit, and you’re a rep!


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