Sell Avon: What’s your "Why?"


Do you have a reason that you are looking to earn extra money? Are you looking to stay home with your kids? Miserable at your current job and looking for something else? Maybe you need the extra money along with your current income….whatever the reason AVON can be the perfect answer to helping you make your “WHY” happen!

Here are a few reasons Avon can help you:

1) Need a way to stay home with the kids

Avon can be a perfect way for you to work around your busy schedule. Your job as an Avon Representative (should you decide to become one) is to hand out as many brochures as possible to as many people as you can. You can do this while you are out running errands like going to the bank, shopping at the grocery store, getting gas, etc. The trick though is to speak to at least 3 NEW people everyday about Avon. Remember, Avon is simple to sell, but it does take the effort to go out there and work your business. To find out more tips and tricks to building an Avon business, click here.

2) I hate my job, my boss, and everything in between! 

Avon is a perfect way to help supplement your current income or even become a full-time gig! It all depends on how many hours you put into your business. The best part about Avon is you can work it AROUND your busy schedule. So if you are a busy person, this is the PERFECT opportunity to help you make extra money. The more your sales and your Avon Sales Team grow, the further along you will be at quitting that J.O.B. and just doing what you love, like SELLING AVON! If you are interested in learning more about the Avon opportunity there are a few links listed below that can help you on your decision: 

3) I just need to get out and do more. 

If you are a home-body or someone who craves to get out and do stuff rather than being able to just sit inside, Avon is perfect for you! Avon can help you engage with new people, meet new friends, and participate in other activities that will not only help you get out more, but also help fill up that pocketbook too. If you are a shy person or not a huge sales person, that’s not a problem! Sometimes the best representatives are people who were very shy. Avon doesn’t require a huge selling pitch either. All you have to do is distribute a brochure, ask for contact information, collect the order, and then follow up with customers to let them know when your orders go in. Simple, right?

There are plenty more reasons that Avon could be your answer to your situations in life. Whatever the reason, you know that you would like something to change so why not give Avon a shot? For only $15 what have you got to lose? 

It’s easy to become an Avon Sales Representative! 

Follow the steps below to get started:

1) Just go to

2) Fill out the contact form and online application

3) Pay the $15 for your business tools and supplies
Then you’re an Avon Sales Rep! 

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