Can You Make Money Selling Avon?


When you become an Avon Representative you’ll learn that the best part about the business is that you get to decide how you want to run your business. You get to decide how much you want to work, how you want to work, when you want to work. Your in complete control! Anyone can sell Avon from stay at home moms to hard working men! Avon is literally for everyone and that’s the beauty. Avon’s earning opportunity is unlimited. You get to decide how much you want to sell by how you plan to run your business. There are 3 ways to earn with Avon, those are (1) Personal Sales, (2) Online Sales and (3) building your very own Avon Team. I suggest to all my team members to take advantage of all 3 earning opportunities to make the most money. However, once again this is your business, you get to choose what you want to do and what aspect best fits your families needs. We all find out what best fits our business and our success. Not every Avon Representative has the same success in the same areas. Some Avon Representatives find much success in fundraisers and events while others find success in online sales and Parties. Everyone is different, we are all just in control of our future.

How Much do you Make when you Sell Avon?

Like I’ve mentioned. It is going to be all up to you how much you make. You will be deciding how many hours a week you want to work and how you work your business. As an Avon Representative, you will be deciding how you plan to work your business to make the desired amount of money you want to earn. You can earn anywhere for 20% to 50% depending on your sales. You will also earn 20% on all your fixed earning items with the opportunity to earn 25%. Once you reach presidents club (selling 10,000 in Avon products in the matter of a year) you will get to earn 40% all the time and 25% on all fixed earning items. See Avon’s Commission Chart Below:
$0 – $49.99: 0%
$50 – $149.99: 20%
$150 – $294.99: 30%
$295 – $439.99: 35%
$440 – $924.99: 40%
$925 – $1574.99: 45%
$1575+: 50%
When you sell Avon online, you will earn 20% on all sales until you reach presidents club. Once you reach presidents club you will earn 25% on all online sales. When someone orders from your online store, Avon will take care of everything. After Avon ships out the order to your customer, Avon will credit your Avon Account for your earnings. Once you have a credit of more than $25 it will deposit into your personal Bank Account.

Ways to Sell Avon

To me, the beauty of Avon is the flexibility of being able to work my business around my life. Being able to determine when I am going to work and how I am going to work really benefits my family. Listed below are some ways you can Sell Avon:
  • Avon Brochure Sales – one of the most comfortable and easiest ways to sell Avon is to give out your Avon Brochures and take orders. When you enter into your very own Avon Business, this is going to be your number one way to get sales and where you start. Throughout your whole Avon Career, you will use Avon Brochures to grow your business. I like to express our Avon Brochures as our Store. Without them, our store is closed.
  • Home Parties – Although you do not have to have home parties with Avon, they can be a great way to grow your business. By booking on home party, you could end up booking 3 more. It all starts with one. Home parties are a great way to get people together so you can talk to them about new products, the Avon Opportunity and to sell products that you have on hand.
  • Events – Again, although we are not required to do events, they are a great way to expose yourself to more business. Personally, I love events. You get to sell products and make connections with many people. From all the connections you make at events, you can grow your team and grow your customer based all in one place. Plus, you get to have fun while your doing it.
  • Fundraisers – With Avon you can also have fundraisers for any cause. You can help your local church or even a friend. The possibilities are endless with fundraisers. When you do a fundraiser you will donate most of the money made to a cause, however it brings you a better chance of reaching Presidents club and helps you make new connections. See more about Avon Fundraising by clicking here!
  • Businesses – For some fast business growth, I suggest going to local business. Here, you can leave brochures for the customers and for the workers. Think of how many people you could touch in one day by spending two hours going to local businesses such as hair and nail salons, doctors offices, dentist offices, Coffee shops, car repair shops, etc.
These are only a few ways to sell Avon. There are so many other ways to become a successful Avon Representative. Once you sign up to sell Avon, you will get so many more ideas from your team, and other Avon Representatives all over the united states. When you join the sisterhood of Avon, the possibilities are endless.

Join Avon Online

If you have read enough and would like to start selling Avon just follow these 2 simple steps.
  1. Go to
  2. Use Reference code CAROLINE089
From here you will fill out your online appointment and choose the starter kit that best fits your budget. Kits start as low as $25.  It will only take about 15 minutes, and you will be the next Avon Representative. With intimidate access to your online store and free Avon Training.😉

Click here to Sign up to Sell Avon Now for Only $25 – Use Reference Code CAROLINE089

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