Grow to win Getaway to Mexico on Avon’s Dime!

Earn your Free Trip to Mexico in Avon’s Grow to Win Getaway Incentive

Avon Grow to Win Getaway Incentive

Have you heard about the exciting incentive Avon is offering through the leadership program from Avon Campaign 23 2015 – Avon Campaign 1 2016? As an Avon Representative in leadership, your main focus should start out as a goal to grow your first generation (signing up as many new representatives yourself as you can) as large as possible. When I first started growing a team, I decided to go for as many incentives as I could…I used the incentives as motivation for me to grow my team. Once I had reached the Gold Ambassador level, my main purpose changed. My goal now is to help my team members grow their Avon businesses in both sales and leadership for those who are interested and help my them earn incentives. Although the incentives are a nice bonus when I achieve the goal and receive rewards, moving up in title is now most important to me.

Avon Grow to Win Getaway Incentive

Avon Grow to Win Getaway

Who: All Avon Sales Leadership Representatives who are Ambassadors or higher by the national close of Avon Campaign 1, 2016
When: Avon Campaign 23 2015 – Avon Campaign 1 2016 – Your recruits will count in the campaign in which they submit their first order.

Why (What’s in it for me?):
  • Earn this incentive and be rewarded with a 4-day, 3-night Trip to Mexico May 2 – May 5, 2016! Includes: Round-trip air transportation & Hotel Accommodations (one standard room, double occupancy) at an All-inclusive Mexican Resort. Approximate Retail Value: $1,600

Sales Leadership Representatives who exceed their “personal prospect” Qualified New Representative (QNR) goal by the greatest percentage at the close of the Incentive period will qualify to earn the trip.

  • Top 70 Ambassadors, Silver Ambassadors, and Gold Ambassadors will earn the trip. The top 71 – 150 Ambassadors will receive a $200 gift card.
  • Top 40 Leaders will earn the trip and the top 5 Leaders will also get to bring a guest.
  • Top 40 Silver Leaders and Gold Leaders will earn the trip and the top 5 will also get to bring a guest.
  • Top 10 Executive Leaders, Silver Executive Leaders, Gold Executive Leaders, and Platinum Executive Leaders will earn the trip. The Top Executive Leader at each title level will also get to bring a guest.

Personal Prospect: A personal prospect is a potential recruit that is not the result of any Avon Source such as Alma Leads. ALMA leads, even if assigned, delegated or reassigned, will not count towards the incentive.
Qualifying New Representative (“QNR”): Qualifying New Representatives are new Representatives who place a first order of $100 or more during the Incentive period and who pay for that order on time.

  • Reinstatements do not count as Qualifying New Representatives for this program.

How to be Successful in the Avon Grow to Win Getaway Incentive

Plan out your Strategy
  • Write down your current why. Why would this trip mean a lot to you? How would earning the free trip make you feel?
  • Set your recruiting goal. How many new team members are you going to sign up each campaign? Tip: Go for an aggressive goal because not all of your new reps will submit the $100 order and qualify. Remember the top leaders who exceed their “personal prospect” Qualified New Rep goal by the greatest percentage during the time frame will earn the trip. You will participate in this incentive based on your Sales Leader Title at the end of Avon Campaign 22 2015. Here are the qualifying minimum goals based on title level:
    • Ambassador, Silver Ambassador & Gold Ambassador: 5 Qualified New Reps in 1st Generation
    • Leader: 10 Qualified New Reps in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Generation
    • Silver Leader & Gold Leader: 12 Qualified New Reps in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Generation
    • Executive Leader, Silver Executive Leader, Gold Executive Leader & Platinum Executive Leader: 15 Qualified New Reps in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Generation
  • Set your leadership goals. If you are a Promoter or Star Promoter, how are you going to title to Ambassador by the end of the incentive to be eligible? If you are an Ambassador, Silver Ambassador, or Gold Ambassador, how do you plan on generating personal recruits? Come up with a number specific plan and then list the ways you plan to recruit. If you are Leader or higher, how are you going to motivate your team to recruit? How many new leadership candidates do you plan to generate during the time frame? Who are your aggressive team members who are either interested in leadership or top sellers who would make good leaders? Pick your key players who you are going to help advance in title (look for reps selling $150 – $200 or more in a campaign).
  • Learn the requirements of the incentive but don’t get too caught up in the details if they overwhelm you. Spend as much time on recruiting / leadership activities as you do on sales activities. Do your best to talk to everyone you know about the Avon opportunity…you never know who might be interested.
Avon Recruiting Tips and Tools
  • Customize the attached book labels with your info. Especially if you are a little shy about bringing up the opportunity. This way you can offer the opportunity to everyone without having to push it on to those who aren’t interested. Sell Avon Recruiting Brochure Labels
  • Promote the opportunity on social media. Use an image of the opportunity to write a blog, share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or any other social media site you are on. Remember to include a benefit of joining and the link to sign up on your team. Your link to the appointment page with your code pre-filled would be (replace caroline089 with your own reference code and be sure to use http:// and not www) So you might say, “Be your own boss with Avon. Start your own business for only $15! Learn more:”
  • Find featured posts and videos about the opportunity in your Social Media Center to share online. These posts have everything ready to go…your message, an image or video, and a link specific to you for people to sign up on your team. Go to – web office – Social Media Center. Remember to offer the opportunity as much as you are offering the catalog. If you were a waitress at a restaurant, you wouldn’t stop asking if your customers wanted refills if you came across your first “no.” Keep offering the Avon opportunity, the bigger you build your team…the more likely you will find your gems.

Avon Coupon Codes October 2015

Shop Avon Campaign 22 Online 10/2 – 10/15

Avon Campaign 22 2015

Click on the image to browse the current Avon brochure online.

Click here to browse the current Avon campaign catalog online!

Click here to request the Avon catalog by mail.

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