How to talk to someone about Avon

How to talk to someone about Avon.

Many new representatives who start out are often worried that they won’t be able to perform well due to the following reasons:

1) They feel they are too shy

2) They are not sure how to start up the conversation

3) Worried the potential customer/recruit could say NO.

4) They aren’t sure what to talk ABOUT

5) They worry the potential customer/recruit might have a question that the rep themselves cannot answer.

Does this sound like you? Are you a representative that has problems getting out in the field and opening up conversations?

These few tips and conversation starters are a great way to talk to someone about Avon.


Here are a few things you can use to mention to your family about Avon products.

>>“I have recently started selling Avon, and I would love it if I could give you a brochure! Would you like to see what we have?”

>>“I would love to offer you a FREE gift if you purchase from me. Let me give you this brochure, and if you find something you like, let me know!

Family members are either hit and miss when you tell them you sell Avon. They will either jump at the opportunity of purchasing products, or they may not be interested. Don’t Fret if you can’t gain immiediate customers through your loved ones.


This is probably where you might be hesitant to get started…but rest assured, if you practice these conversation starters…you will become a natural!

>>”Hi There! I wanted to stop you to let you know that I am a local Avon representative and wanted to see if you would be interested in a FREE catalog?”

>>”Okay! No problem! Thank you so much for your time! If you ever are looking to purchase my information is on the back of the brochure. Have a great day!”

>>”GREAT! Have you ever used Avon products before?”

“Awesome! Avon has great products and quality and I am so glad you are familar with them! What do you usually purchase from Avon?”

“Avon has lots of great products and they have been around for over 130 years because of their valuable quality. We sell more then just makeup and perfume. If you browse through the brochure, you will notice all kinds of stuff for your everyday needs and more! May I get your phone number or e-mail address so I can let you know when I place my Avon orders?”


Local businesses are a great way to build your Avon business. 

**Ask to speak to a manager or supervisor of the business**

“Hi! My name is _____________ and I am an Avon Representative. Would it be alright if I leave some brochures with you or your clients?”

“Great! Thank you so much! I will also offer a 10% discount if you or your clients place a $35 order or more. I appreciate it!”

“Okay, thank you so much for your time. If you ever change your mind here is my business card. You can contact me and I will bring some brochures by for you. Have a wonderful week!” 

**IMPORTANT NOTE** The key here is to not let the word “NO” be taken personally. Move on and find someone who will be interested. The more you dwell on NO the less your business will grow! Also make sure to get contact information so you can follow up with businesses and clientele! 

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