How to get more Avon Customers within 2 weeks.


If you are looking to build your customer base quickly, here is a method to do so. Keep in mind this is not the only way to build your business, but it is a good way to gain new customers. The main key in getting orders is FOLLOW UP! If you aren’t following up with your customers and waiting for them to call you, chances are you are putting yourself up for disappointment. You need to be able to go out there and chase that money! This challenge below takes a lot of dedication, so make sure to set up a plan for yourself! 
You are able to go about this challenge using any method you choose, however as a guideline we have included some suggested ways below:
Suggested Methods:
For those with current Avon customers
If you currently have existing customers, then this challenge will be a lot easier.
Suggested Supplies:
  • Double the amount of Brochures you usually get
  • Free Gifts (of your choosing – something that hasn’t cost you much but looks valuable)
Give your existing customers 2 brochures instead of one. Either tell them that you are doing a challenge and need to get more customers (they love to help out!) or place a stickynote on the front that says:

“This brochure is for one of your special friends. Please pass it on to them and let them know I would love to help them out too – and if they order, I will give you a free gift as a thank-you”

For finding new Avon customers
Suggested Supplies:
  • 100 x Brochures
  • Business Cards – (FREE from VistaPrint or print your own)
  • 10 x flyers
  • 25 x samples
As we only have 100 or so Avon brochures then tossing isn’t going to cut it this time (since that usually only picks up 1 or 2 customers and our goal is 20).
We have to be a bit smarter and leave our brochures where lots of people go. Think about the place where lots of people hang out in your town. Is it a community centre, a coffee shop, a post office?
That is where you want to leave your brochures.
I like to add a funny label too. My favorites are:

“I’m a lonely brochure. Please take me home and make me feel loved by reading me”
“Congratulations – You’ve just picked up lucky brochure number 36 – call me for your free prize”
“Beauty comes from within – from within the pages of this brochure”

Make up some simple flyers to add to your community noticeboards around town.
Make the message super simple and add an image if you like. Something like:

“Avon lipsticks – now only $5.00!”
“Reese Witherspoon uses Avon, do you?”

Instead of using tear off pull tabs with your contact details – attach a few business cards to the flyer. They are much sturdier and don’t get lost in people’s pockets.
Give out Samples
If you are feeling a bit brave, hand out some business cards with an Avon sample attached to them to women in your area.
If you are too shy to talk to anyone, leave a business card with your sample attached in a public restroom. The best restrooms to leave your cards in are ones where business women tend to go (so think office buildings, gyms, malls etc). (Avoid public restrooms at trains stations – yuk!).
I hope some of these ideas help get you started!
Good luck on your challenge! 
If you are able to get contact information from a potential customer, make sure you do so! A few ways to approach a customer about etting contact information are these: 
“I would love to keep you updated about current deals and also let you know when my orders go in, may I have your phone number or e-mail address so I can keep you up to date on this information?”

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