Tailgating can be an excellent way to build your business, granted it isn’t the ONLY way (see my tools & tips tab) BUT it is perfect for face to face contact, and also for recruiting! Below I have listed a few tips, photos and how to’s for you if you are considering tailgating as one of many ways to build your business!

Myself and a fellow Avon Rep tailgating!

1) GRAB A PARTNER, TEAM MATE, OR BRING A FRIEND! Tailgating can be so much more fun when you bring a person with you. If both of you are out there waving signs, serving customers, and having a good time, people will want to know what is going on. Make it look like a party, so people will want to crash it! Haha! 🙂

2) PICK A DATE THAT WORKS FOR BOTH OF YOU! The best way is to pick a date (Ours was a Saturday) that fits with you and your friend/teammate’s schedule. Plan for it to be about 2-3 hours of tailgating as you want to be able to spend enough time waving and talking to customers as much as possible. THEN go out and DO IT! Don’t dip out at the last second because you are too scared or worried you won’t get any new customers or leads. You definately won’t if you don’t TRY! This is about stepping out of your comfort zone and making it HAPPEN!

3) PICK A PLACE! Usually an abandoned parking lot is good. Often times if you ask permission you might be able to do it in a business parking lot. Either way, find a place that’s good for you and make it happen!

4) SUPPLIES! Don’t overthink supplies! It really is just getting out there and passing out books and getting customers. If you are constantly worried about how the books look, what they need to say or anything along those lines it will not benefit YOU in the long run. KEEP IT SIMPLE!!!
Here’s a small list of what we bring: 

  • Car or Truck (haha of course!)
  • Books (2 campaigns old or so)
  • Samples 
  • Signs
  • Contact cards
  • Pens
  • Extra Inventory 
  • Labels

5) WAVE AND HAVE FUN! The next step is pretty simple! Place your signs out where people can see them or wave your signs. Smile! Be sure to encourage the people driving by that there is AVON available and you are there to serve them! The best way to do that is by offering a friendly environment. Dance if you have to! Attract as much attention as you can but don’t be scared to enjoy yourself! 🙂 

6) STRIKE UP CONVERSATION! When you are out talking to customers that stop by, ask them a few questions to provoke conversation such as:
  1. Do you have an Avon lady in the area?
  2. What are some of your favorite Avon products?
  3. Can I offer you this brochure so you can browse through to find what you might like?
  4. May I get your contact information so that I can let you know what I place my Avon orders?
  5. Are you interested in earning extra money with the Avon opportunity?
  6. When would be a good time to schedule an appointment so we can discuss the Avon opportunity in further detail?
  7. Do you have any friends that might like Avon?
  8. I would love to be your Avon lady, is it alright if I add you to my mailing address so you can receive Avon brochures on a regular basis?
7) HAVE FUN! Tailgating is meant to be fun and help you getting out there and talking to customers you’ve NEVER met before face to face about Avon. Since we have brand recognition on our side it makes it virtually easy to sell Avon. YOU just have to MAKE THE EFFORT!! Money will not fall into your lap, you have to go out there and WORK FOR IT!

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