Step 1: Find an Event

In order to find an existing event try going to Google and searching for events that might be happening in your community. Look for things such as fairs, flea markets, job fairs, craft shows, etc. Facebook also has vendor event groups that many people local to you might be hosting. 

  • Once you find an event call the person in charge of it and see how much it will be to set up a table. If it’s in your budget then go for it.
  • A way to save money is to bring someone from your team or someone you may work with in order to split the cost. But keep in mind this is an investment in your business. So for example instead of spending $20 eating out, invest in your business and put the money toward your event.
  • You may also set up for free in front of your house. This is especially great for those who live on high traffic streets. But you can always promote yourself and the times you’ll be in front of your house by announcing it on social media and hanging fliers around your community. People love a great deal.
  • Approach small business in to see if they will let you set up in or out front of their store. For them to say yes you have to make sure you are doing things to benefit their company. Some ideas are telling them that you will be able to give them names and numbers of their customers, give their customers a free gift if they spend a certain amount in their store, put a flyer about their business in your brochures you hand out. Make sure you make it sound as good the business as possible. Only do this with small businesses not corporate business.

Try looking into Sprint Stores because Avon has an affiliation with them.

Preparing for Your Event

You need to prepare for your event so you know what you will be able to offer potential customers and business partners. Some things you may want to invest in are:

  • Table
  • Table Cloth
  • Folding Chair
  • Appointment Kits (3-5)
  • Sample Packs
  • Labeled Brochures (current and old)
  • Business Cards
  • Signs
  • Inventory
Remember to wear an Avon Shirt, Visor, Apron, and Name Tag so people will know you are official. 
You may also want to invest in free gifts for those who join Avon or for the business you set up at you may give a free gift to people who spend a certain amount in the business.
Another thing a lot of reps do is buy picture frames from the dollar store and print out different signs that say things like “Start your Avon Business today for Just $15” or “Ask Me About Avon Fund-raising” or something along those lines.
You can also get a poster board and write in sharpie “Free Avon” and hang signs at your event or on your car if you’re tailgating.
Sample packs are something you should prepare the night before. They consist of a business card, a coupon that if redeemed can earn them a free gift if they sign up for Avon that day, a fund-raising flyer, and a piece of candy. 
When it comes to inventory make sure you are making a profit on all the things you sell at your table. Mark all of your products with prices so people don’t have to ask you how much they cost. Try to make prices consistent with what’s in the current book. You can also sell all of just one product if you have certain goals to reach. Most reps do a $1 basket, $2 basket, or $5 basket etc. Remember when buying inventory to try and get the best deal, order a lot of the 5 for $10 deals.
If a fancy Avon table cloth is not in your budget that is understandable. Just get one that is reasonably priced, it doesn’t have to say Avon.
Label your brochures before the event. Make sure to put labels on all sample too.
Consider making a basket to raffle off at your event. Make sure the basket is affordable to you but looks expensive and attractive. If you decide to do this make sure to buy a basket to shake up the raffle tickets in and raffle tickets. Prize wheels are excellent for this, you can have customers spin the prize wheel to win free samples or coupons; but in order to participate they have to fill out a contact card to be entered into your free raffle for a gift basket or something.  BE CREATIVE 🙂 


Step 3: What to Do At Events

At events you want to make sure you are collecting names and numbers so you can contact potential customers to get orders. You can do this multiple ways:
  • have them fill out raffle tickets
  • have them do a small survey to enter the raffle
  • have a follow up notebook (separate sheet into sections that say name, phone, email)
Make sure you offer people the Avon opportunity. If applicable let them know that if they sign up to start their Avon business today that they will receive a free gift. Tell them about the benefits of starting such as: free website, free training, low shipping costs, low start up fee, no inventory required, and more!
Overall make sure you have fun doing events and making money. Don’t worry about getting “no’s” from people just do you best and be excited and alive! Be nice and have a blast.

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