Are you as tired of candy and wrapping paper as I am. Why wont the schools and athletics sell something we actually use? Everyone uses Avon. Who doesn’t use shampoo, deodorant or perfume. That’s why Avon is the perfect fundraiser. Avon offers three fundraising fliers, each featuring a selection of our best-sellers. These exclusive fundraising fliers make your Avon fundraiser very easy to facilitate. You may choose only one or any combination of the three. During the winter holiday season, we also offer a special holiday brochure. Your organization will earn up to 40% profit, depending on your total sales.* Most schools have no trouble attaining 40%! No matter who you are trying to raise money for, a church, military, athletic team, school or a friend in need. Avon is your best choice.  

Take the burden of fund-raising off you and your organization!  

With an Avon Fund-Raiser:

  • * There’s minimal paperwork to complete. 
  • * No need to buy merchandise up front. 
  • * No door-to-door selling. Participants can sell exclusively to families, neighbors and friends, and still produce a profitable fund-raiser. 
  • * The average Customer order is over $15! 
  • * All products are backed by Avon’s satisfaction guarantee. 
  • * Your organization can have its money in hand in as few as three weeks. 


Avon offers an easy fundraiser for your school or non-profit organization.
Here is how the fundraising process works:
  1. Register your Avon fundraiser online.
    We will send you a confirmation by email letting you know
    we received your registration and providing the contact
    information of your personal Avon representative. She will
    be available to assist you throughout the course of your Avon
  2. We will ship a fundraising kit to you about a week prior to
    your fundraiser start date. Your kit will include facilitator
    instructions, brochures or fliers for each of your sellers, plus order forms, collection envelopes, and order processing paperwork. 
  3. Your sellers will sell Avon for 2 weeks. Customers will make checks payable to you or your organization. You will send us one payment with your orders after deduction your profit upfront. If your organization is tax-exempt, you will not be required to collect sales tax from your customers.
  4. At the close of your fundraising event, You will tally your orders and submit them to us with your payment. Acceptable forms of
    payment to Avon are official bank check, postal money order, or
    organization check, payable to your personal Avon representative. Once we receive your orders, we will contact you to let you know when you can expect delivery.
  5. Your fundraising orders are processed and shipped to you
    for distribution to your customers. Your organization will be
    responsible for sorting and distributing the Avon products. We
    take several measures to ensure an efficient distribution process
    by your volunteers including pre-sorting your orders by class, grade,
    or other group which you designate ahead of time, labeling each
    product for easy identification, and providing Avon bags for your
    customer orders.
Our online registration form will give you the opportunity to provide the information we need from your organization to ensure a successful fundraising campaign. Your fundraising kit will contain everything you need to conduct your fundraiser and submit your orders to us.
In addition, you may contact us at any time with questions during your fundraising event. Avon fundraising is easy and you can expect to enjoy a hassle-free fundraising event!

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