Tossing Avon books is a method many representatives use to advertise their business and gain new customers. Although tossing brochures can get you some orders, it is not as effective as face-to-face contact with new customers.


Tossing can be effective if you are consistent with it. Usually when tossing you want to use old brochures from any campaign with instructions on how a customer can contact you. Some days you may get tons of customers where as others you may get none. If you keep building and growing, you will see you paycheck or earnings increase as well! 


  1. Label each book with your name and phone number. If a customer wants to place an order and your information isn’t listed on the brochure, you will lose out on a sale. You can hand-write your contact information, but this can take a lot of time. Pre-printed stickers or a rubber stamp are most efficient for your time.
  2. Label each brochure with the date it is good through, if it is a current brochure. Some representatives choose to toss old books that are left over from previous campaigns with a sticker that says, “Call for current pricing,” or, “Call for new specials,” or something similar.
  3. Place one or two samples in the brochure if you would like. Samples allow customers to try products before they buy and may entice a potential customer to place an order when the book may have been discarded otherwise.
  4. Insert each brochure sideways into a “What’s New” bag. These bags can be ordered as a sales tool from Avon. Carefully fold the ends of the bag down and tuck then into the brochure, squeezing out air as you go.
  5. Roll the brochure lengthwise and secure it with a rubber band. Placing the brochure into the plastic bag and rolling in this matter will make the books easier to toss. It also decreases the likelihood that the brochure is damaged or ruined if it rains.
  6. Toss your prepared Avon books into the yards of potential customers. You can time your delivery in the early morning hours so that people pick up the brochures with the morning paper. Try to toss the brochures where they will be found easily.

  • For a more personalized approach, hang the Avon books on customer doors using the “What’s New” bag. This takes a bit more time than tossing from a moving car and may show customers that you are more serious about your business.
  • Tossing books should be done faithfully for multiple campaigns. Simply tossing books for one campaign is a very ineffective strategy that may result in one order for every 100 books tossed. Tossing books to the same houses for four to six campaigns will establish your sincerity with these customers, showing them you are an Avon representative they can count on.
  • Check with your local town or city ordinances regarding solicitation prior to tossing Avon brochures. Some places prohibit such actions, and you do not want to find yourself on the receiving end of a police citation.
  • Do not put Avon books inside or hanging on mailboxes. This is a violation of federal law.

~~If you want an expert’s opinion on tossing Avon brochures, Senior Executive Unit Leader, Molly Stone-Bibb provides more information and details regarding tossing!~~

Other files that I use for tossing:

  1. $15 Bill Recruiting Flyer-Theresa Paul, SEUL’s file
  2. Why is there an Avon brochure in your driveway flyer?-Theresa Paul, SEUL’s file
  3. $5 off $25 order or more!

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