Can MEN sell Avon?

Can Men Sell Avon?

The answer is ABSOLUTELY! 

Women are not the only ones that can build a million dollar business off of Avon. There are a handful of men out there who have chosen to be their own boss and gain financial independence through Avon!

Gender is no limit when it comes to selling the products. Avon sells MORE then just makeup and nail polish. This is not your grandma’s Avon anymore! Avon features men’s cologne, men’s skincare, and even men’s tools and other accessories that are more than acceptable to accommodate men. Some men are just as interested in pampering themselves as women are! 
Aside from the men’s products, consider why men may consider selling Avon? It is a HOT market and a very viable business! All it takes is passing out brochures to everyone you know or meet and then collecting contact information to follow up with customers. Not to mention most men are interested in making extra money as well! Since the product pretty much sells itself, it just takes getting out there and building your business.

Most men worry about their reputation when joining Avon. They feel that they will be made fun of by the other “guys” for selling a “woman’s” product. The fact of the matter is that a man has to be secure in himself to sell Avon. Most men do not have any idea how to apply mascara, blush, or foundation. That’s wear a support team comes into play! Women are into a man who is clueless about certain things like makeup. They will instantly start talking about what they use and how it works for them and then BAM! You have just created a conversation with a potentially new customer. 
With AVON there is total freedom with when you start your working day and total flexibility with what you do in between your work periods. For instance you could be taking your kids to school and picking them up every day. How about that, you get to see more of your kids growing up.You want to take a few hours off, you can just do it with AVON.

Now the Sales Leadership, the higher earning business side of Avon. Can men succeed?
YES…because like above – Avon the company has set it up for ANYONE to succeed. Avon have made it easy for ANYONE to sell Avon as a Representative, that makes it easy for anyone to offer the representative opportunity to others.


1) Go to

2) Use reference 
code: CAROLINE089

3) Fill out the application, pay the $15 appointment fee for your business kit, and you are an Avon Rep!

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