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Join Avon
Join Avon Online TodayAre you asking yourself, “Should I Join Avon?” I can’t answer that for you but I can tell you why I love Selling Avon. My name is Caroline Szenfeld. I’ve been an Independent Avon Representative since 2013 and I love what I do.
What I love most about Avon is you can build your business around your personal schedule, at your own pace, and there is an unlimited earnings potential. You can earn by Selling Avon from HomeSelling Avon Online, or building a team of Avon Representatives. I have found success in maximizing my earnings potential by taking advantage of all three areas. You can find success with Avon when you figure out which sales and recruiting techniques work best for you.

Should I Join Avon?

When you Join Avon Online as a representative, you are not an employee of Avon Products, Inc. but an Independent Sales Representative. You do not have quotas to meet, you do not have a sales territory, and you do not have a boss. These can all be great benefits as long as you are self-motivated and a hard worker. The amount of success that comes from you and your Avon business strictly depends on how much you work and how dedicated you are to growing your business week after week, campaign after campaign, month after month, and eventually year after year.
Being an Avon Representative is no longer just a reason to get together over coffee and try on lipstick samples. Although for some, it can still be an excuse to get together with friends and chit chat about makeup, but for others…it’s a true entrepreneurial opportunity. You can turn your $15 investment with Avon into a 6-figure annual direct sales business. In order to be a Successful Avon Representative, I recommend to all of my team members to leverage all areas of earnings opportunities in their Avon businesses including traditional sales, online marketing, and leadership. When you have three sources of income from your direct sales business, you will be in a much better position to grow and build a sustainable network marketing business. The Avon opportunity is no longer just for women; men can sell Avon, college graduates can sell Avon, students can sell Avon, retired professionals can sell Avon, working moms can become Avon Representatives, and so on and so forth. Through the power of the Internet and social media, even online marketers can join Avon and build their entire business by Selling Avon Online Only.

Join Avon Online

Did you know you can Join Avon Online? Avon has created an online contract for those of you who prefer to Sign up to Sell Avon Online. The cost to Join Avon Online is the same cost as signing up with a leadership representative in person. The start-up cost is only $15. Your $15 investment covers your starter kit which includes 20 Avon catalogs, 5 mark magalogs, 2 full-size Avon products, samples, training materials, a motivational CD, and an Avon pin. The biggest difference between the in-person appointment and the online appointment is your starter kit will be shipped directly to your home and you will go over the starter kit materials with your leader over the phone. After you have completed the online appointment and been successfully appointed, your starter kit will ship within 3 – 5 business days.

Join Avon Online Today

I would love to have you become the next Avon Representative on my team. I offer support right from the start and send you ongoing communications on how to increase your Avon sales and build your own Avon team if that’s something you’re interested in as well. Sign up to Sell Avon Online now. Here is How to Join Avon Online:
    1. Go to
    2. Enter Avon Reference CodeCAROLINE089 and click continue.
    3. Fill out the online form, agree to the terms & conditions of becoming an Independent Avon Sales Representative, and pay your $15 appointment fee.
You will then be assigned an Avon account number so that you can start your online training and find out How to Sell Avon Successfully.

Click here to sign up now to sell Avon – use reference code: CAROLINE089.

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