How Much do you Make Selling Avon Online?

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How Much do you make Selling Avon Online? If you want to become an Avon Representative to sell Avon online, you would do the exact same thing as someone who wanted to sell Avon traditionally. You will simply go through the online appointment process and set up your eStore right away so you can start selling online. Avon provides you with your eStore for FREE when you sign up to sell Avon. You have the ability to choose how you want to run your business. Whether you want to sell Avon online only, traditionally or both ways, it’s up to you to decide. With direct delivery orders (order delivered directly to your customers from your online store) you will earn 20%, with the chance to earn an additional 5% for becoming a top seller.

How do you get Paid Selling Avon Online?

When you sell Avon Online, you will earn 20% (25% if you are a presidents club member) for every order you receive online. When you receive a direct delivery order your Avon account will be credited with your earnings. When you have a balance of $25 or more it will direct deposit into your personal bank account. Please note: you must submit at least one regular order through to keep receiving your online commission via direct deposit.

How Does Selling Avon Online Work?

When you sign up to sell Avon online, you will have intimidate access to your personal website. Here you have the ability to choose which methods of delivery you want to accept. You can choose between, direct delivery online, Rep direct Delivery or both. Direct Delivery orders are orders that will be shipped directly to your customers door by Avon. Rep Direct Delivery is orders that they can place through you, which will be sent to your home with your oringial Avon order. When an order like this is placed Avon will send you an eMail letting you know about the order. You will still be responsible for placing the order, collecting the money and taking the order to your customer.
You may also make money online by building your very own Avon team. Avon offers the online appointment to all Avon Representative. This gives you the ability to build your team nationwide! How exciting is that?

Sign up to Sell Avon Online

Enjoy earning an income from home and Start your very own Avon Business today for Only $15! Sign up to Sell Avon Online by following these 3 easy steps:
  1.  Go to
  2. Use reference code : caroline089
  3. Enter the information required, agree to Avon terms & conditions and pay your $15 start up fee.

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