Are you ready to quit your J-O-B?

Is it possible to make Avon a full time career? Absolutely!

Will it be easy? No. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme.

Will it be a lot of work?  Probably, but also A LOT of fun! For you to gain anything out of life worth value, you have to WORK for it. Yes…I said it….WORK for it. No one just hands you 500 million dollars and says, “Here ya go! Enjoy!” (We all wish and can dream of course!)

With Avon it takes time to build your business, so if you are in it to become a millionare over night…sorry sweetie but this job ain’t for you! You can’t expect to pay your bills with Avon right off the start (And I am sure Avon corporate would have my head for this).

Does the job require you to INVEST (meaning spend money) on Avon? See, when people say “Oh I am not making any money with Avon because I have to buy books, and samples, and blah blah blah…” Well…duh! This is a BUSINESS! If you were to open your own BUSINESS you would need supplies to do that with. Avon provides the supplies at CHEAP prices. You just have to make the most of said materials. However, remember anything you purchase for your business is tax deductible 🙂 So don’t get disheartened yet!

Many people work full time, take care of the kids, attend the soccer practices, football practices, ballet practices, and STILL make time for Avon. How?? Well my dear, they work their business while they work their life.

When you join Avon, your customers are your friends and family for starters. These people can help get your business up and running. Are you going to be putting in a $1500 order the first time? Probably not. But, that’s a good goal to shoot for! After you have talked to friends and family, you want to reach out to people you DON’T know….

This is where people get scared and are like…”…talk to people? I don’t think so!” I was just like you at first but I promise with a little practice it gets easier every time. Start by leaving brochures in doctor’s offices, with cashiers, waiting areas, gas stations, banks, hair salons, nail salons, if you can think of a place to go, that might be a good place to leave an Avon book behind!

Here’s the thing though, if you REALLY want to make Avon a full time career, you have to make a plan for yourself. Here’s a few ways to do that!

1) Set small goals each week that you want to accomplish. Example: “I am going to try to get at least 3 new customers this week” or “I am going to promote my business on facebook in groups and work it the best that I can to get new customers this week.”

2) Consider Leadership. Leadership is a great way to get extra earnings. This is where you find other ladies who might be interested in selling. However not everyone is a sales person so you could offer the notion for them to sign up JUST to get discounts on their favorite Avon products! Works fabulously! Work Leadership just as much as sales and you will see the fruits of your labor.

3) Set a monthly goal. (Goals help you to build success) Add up your sales for the month and maybe try to build even MORE sales or recruits the following month.

4) FOLLOW UP with customers. If you want to build a successful FULL TIME career you have to follow up with your customers. Sometimes this helps when customers forget they wanted to place an order. THANK GOODNESS you called to let them know you were putting an order in right?!

5) Anytime…Anywhere….Always Ask! No matter where you are, you can always find customers or recruits. You just have to ask.

6) Don’t OVERUSE your budget. Keep your personal and Avon money seperate. (CAN’T STRESS THIS ENOUGH)

7) Buy for your business….not for yourself (sometimes). Yes you want to have supplies for your business…make sure that you have enough profit where you are making money as well as investing in your business expenses.

8) See my PAID-UP blog for more info on money management!


10) Keep track of your progress…you’d be surprised that sooner or later, that Avon money is going to look nicer than that $7.25 an hour check you get. That’s worth quitting the “JOB” to do Avon full time right?

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