BUY AVON: Shop Online with FREE SHIPPING on $40 orders!

Shop my online Avon Store — Browse my website for all the latest deals! Shop the brochure online even if you don’t have a hard copy right in front of you! Look through all the departments and categories to find what you may be interested in buying!

Shop my online Avon Brochure — View the catalog directly on my website. You can add the items you want from the catalog into your shopping bag by clicking on the pages online and then selecting a quantity of how much you want of said item(s). If you register online and also go to checkout, you can choose to have a brochure included with your order OR I would be happy to mail one out to you! To be added to my mailing list please contact me so that you can have a brochure delivered to your house.

Shop by product number from the current Avon brochure — If you have an Avon book in front of you, or you know the item/product number of what you are looking for you can click this link here to just add the item number, the campaign from which you are shopping from (you can backorder up to 2 campaigns) and how much of the product you want!


Avon Coupon Codes: You can browse the latest coupon codes on my other blog page HERE or you can visit the online Avon Store and save on all your favorite products with the latest deals and bargains!
Avon FREE SHIPPING!: Avon offers free shipping on orders of at least $40 or more always. However, sometimes they will run deals for free shipping on any order, $25 orders, and so on. These deals are limited time offers. 
Avon Sales:  The Avon brochure is constantly changing which means the sales and deals offered are changing too! You can shop online just as you would shop with a rep in person except to accept direct delivery instead of rep delivery. Brochures and the website are updated every 2 weeks so there is always something to look out for with Avon!


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