Selling Avon Online or Face to Face!

If you are an Avon representative interested in selling Avon online or face to face, you have come to the right place! I made this blog in hopes that everyone would understand how to sell more Avon either online or in person. Through proper training, you can learn how to make the most of your Avon website, market your Avon business with social media, and make more money with Avon online sales or in person!

 I started my Avon business thinking I would just make a little extra money aside from a real “JOB” but now, Avon has become SO much more then that! It is a business that I am building and hoping to retire with someday! 

 Whether you signed up to become an Avon representative to supplement your earnings, replace your full-time job, or needed a primary means of income, we all joined Avon to make money

Too many Avon reps join with high hopes and are let down way too quickly when the sales are not instantaneous.  

 The traditional “door-to-door” way of selling Avon still works for some but with an increase in working women, people spending less time at home, and the greater need for instant gratification, some Avon customers are looking for a way to find their favorite Avon products without meeting an Avon representative face-to-face. However, the face to face option is still a great way to build your business. Sometimes you can even refer your customers whom you come in contact with to shop your website!

In my opinion, you will need to work multiple aspects of your Avon business in order to become a successful Avon representative. For example, you should be focusing your energy not only on building traditional sales, but also increasing your online sales and establishing or growing your leadership team (should you choose to focus on building a team)  to maximize your success. 

When you focus your energy on different areas of your Avon business, you will see an increase in your overall Avon earnings. //<![CDATA[ var sc_project=10212841; var sc_invisible=0; var sc_security="e8beb532"; var scJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://secure.&quot; : "http://www.&quot;); document.write("”); //]]>

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SELL AVON: Become an Avon Sales Representative

Avon has made it even easier to sign up to sell Avon online.  Avon is only $15 to sign up to sell both online and with a face to face appointment. You receive a starter kit which includes 20 brochures, training materials, 2 full size products, an Avon tote bag, an Avon pin, a DVD, and samples. See image below:

Avon Starter Kit

In addition to purchasing your starter kit you will also be responsible for purchasing your own brochures (packs of 10 start at $6.49) You will also be charged a One Simple Fee per campaign. This fee starts at $5.95 BUT can be recovered when you collect a $0.75 or $1.00 fee from each customer that places an order from you. Your one simple fee covers your shipping and handling, so the cost of this can be easily made back from your customers.

How much money do you make when you sell Avon?

You will earn 20-50% based on your sales, for your earnings. Fixed earning items will earn you 20% these are products in the Avon catalog with the four diamonds in front of the description. See your Avon earnings chart below:

  • $0 — $49.99–0%
  • $50 –$149.99 — 20%
  • $150 –$294.99 — 30%
  • $295 –$439.99 –35%
  • $440 — $924.99 –40%
  • $925 — $1574.99 –45%
  • $1575+ — 50%
When you sell Avon online you earn 20% commission (25% commission for President’s Club), your online sales plus your traditional face to face sales are used to determine your selling level for the campaign so you can bump it higher based on your commissions chart.

Sign up to Sell Avon

Signing up to sell Avon online is easy! To become an Avon representative online follow these steps:
  1. Go to
  2. Enter reference code: CAROLINE089
  3. Click here to start selling!
  4. You will be assigned an account number and district number which you can use to have access to your online Avon account!

When you sign up to sell Avon online you will receive your Avon starter kit within 3-5 business days after you have been appointed. Once you have enrolled, you will receive a welcome e-mail and also Avon selling tips to help get your business off to a great start!

BUY AVON: Shop Online with FREE SHIPPING on $40 orders!

Shop my online Avon Store — Browse my website for all the latest deals! Shop the brochure online even if you don’t have a hard copy right in front of you! Look through all the departments and categories to find what you may be interested in buying!

Shop my online Avon Brochure — View the catalog directly on my website. You can add the items you want from the catalog into your shopping bag by clicking on the pages online and then selecting a quantity of how much you want of said item(s). If you register online and also go to checkout, you can choose to have a brochure included with your order OR I would be happy to mail one out to you! To be added to my mailing list please contact me so that you can have a brochure delivered to your house.

Shop by product number from the current Avon brochure — If you have an Avon book in front of you, or you know the item/product number of what you are looking for you can click this link here to just add the item number, the campaign from which you are shopping from (you can backorder up to 2 campaigns) and how much of the product you want!


Avon Coupon Codes: You can browse the latest coupon codes on my other blog page HERE or you can visit the online Avon Store and save on all your favorite products with the latest deals and bargains!
Avon FREE SHIPPING!: Avon offers free shipping on orders of at least $40 or more always. However, sometimes they will run deals for free shipping on any order, $25 orders, and so on. These deals are limited time offers. 
Avon Sales:  The Avon brochure is constantly changing which means the sales and deals offered are changing too! You can shop online just as you would shop with a rep in person except to accept direct delivery instead of rep delivery. Brochures and the website are updated every 2 weeks so there is always something to look out for with Avon!


Avon Brochures

Avon has 26 catalogs that they distribute throughout the year. Every 2 weeks Avon distributes new deals, products, and prices that you can look out for when shopping through a catalog. You can also shop Avon online  and get great bargains to look out for whether it be makeup, skincare, clothes, shoes, jewelry, and SO much more! You can also request to have an Avon brochure to be included with your online order. OR you are welcome to message me with your address and I can have an Avon book mailed right to you! Click on the images below to see the dates below as AVON 2015 CATALOGS become available online!


2015 AVON Brochure

Brochure 1 Brochure 2 Brochure 3 Brochure 4 Brochure 5
Avon Brochure Codes 1 2015 Avon Brochure Codes 2 2015 Avon Brochure Codes 3 2015 Avon Brochure Codes 4 2015 Avon Brochure Codes 5 2015
Brochure 6 Brochure 7 Brochure 8 Brochure 9 Brochure 10
Avon Brochure Codes 6 2015 Avon Brochure Codes 7 2015 Avon Brochure Codes 8 2015 Avon Brochure Codes 9 2015 Avon Brochure Codes 10 2015
Brochure 11 Brochure 12 Brochure 13 Brochure 14 Brochure 15
Avon Brochure Codes 11 2015 Avon Brochure Codes 12 2015 Avon Brochure Codes 13 2015 Avon Brochure Codes 14 2015 Avon Brochure Codes 5 2015
Brochure 16 Brochure 17 Brochure 18 Brochure 19 Brochure 20
Avon Brochure Codes 16 2015 Avon Brochure Codes 17 2015 Avon Brochure Codes 18 2015 Avon Brochure Codes 19 2015 Avon Brochure Codes 20 2015
Brochure 21 Brochure 22 Brochure 23 Brochure 24 Brochure 25
Avon Brochure Codes 21 2015 Avon Brochure Codes 22 2015 Avon Brochure Codes 23 2015 Avon Brochure Codes 24 2015 Avon Brochure Codes 25 2015
Brochure 26
Avon Brochure Codes 26 2015

Avon Deals!


See a quick preview of campaign 20 deals!

Shop online at:

Interested in selling Avon?

Go to and use the reference code: CAROLINE089

Avon Campaign 20 2015 -Sell Avon Online!

Click here to shop Avon Campaign 20 online! . Use code WELCOME at checkout for 20% off $50 orders! Sell Avon: Enter Avon reference code: CAROLINE089 at

Posting your Avon Brochure on your website: Thanks to Emily Seagren!

Emily Seagren is an EXECUTIVE UNIT LEADER with Avon currently and offers great tips for working your business online. One of such tips includes posting your Avon brochure online which I have posted here below the steps as well to make it easier for everyone to see.

All credit for this goes to Emily Seagren, Thanks so much for this!

How to Post the Avon Catalog on your Website

How do you post the current Avon catalog on your website? This is probably the most frequent question I get asked from Avon Representatives on how to sell Avon online. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to post Avon Campaign 3 2015 on your website.

1. Log into Tip: When making changes to your Avon website, you may want to use Internet Explorer. seems to be most compatible with Internet Explorer. Click on each image below to enlarge.

2. Click on the Web Office tab on the main toolbar (third tab from the left).


3. Under eStore, click on edit eStore.

4. Click on the pencil icon (top right) in the main box (largest frame on the top left).

5. Choose the option for Personal Message to display in the main window.

6. Select the edit source 
option on the top right side of the toolbar – the button that looks like this: .

7. Copy the data in the box below by highlighting all of it with your mouse – right click and select copy.

Put your Title Here

Insert your message to your customer here.


*NOTE* You can change the portion in the data that states: “; so that it matches with the current catalog each campaign. So for example in campaign 4 for the next campaign I would change: /catalog/2015/04/ to: /catalog/2015/05.

8. Paste the data you copied from the text box above by placing your cursor in the html box in your eStore then right clicking and selecting Paste.

9. The next step is to edit the account number after repid= where I have highlighted in blue. Replace my repid number with yours. Your repid number is your Avon account number. This will allow your customers to click on the front of the brochure cover to shop the online brochure on your Avon website.

10. The final step is to click on the edit source button again . Edit the text that I put in as sample text, give your screen a label name, and click save.

New Year, New Avon!

Avon has lots of exciting things in store for 2015! The first is their rewards and recognition program!

Click here to see the awards and recognition pamphlet! CLICK!

In this pamphlet Avon talks about new points you can earn and redeem for rewards!

When you reach a certain amount of Award sales you then gain points

The example they use is shown here:

  • C-3                  $200                         25 points
  • C-4                  $200                         25 points
  • C-15                $200                         0 points ($300 minimum required. See above.)
  • C-16                $400                         75 points
You can also earn points when you recruit or build your Avon team!

  • › For each 1st Generation New Representative who places a $100 paid first order—50 points
  • › For each 1st Generation New Candidate you develop—100 points
Then of course when you reach certain sales levels you gain more rewards. These are done by reaching the following sales levels: 
  1. President’s Club
  2. Honors Society
  3. Rose Circle
  4. McConnell Club
  5. President’s Council
  6. President’s Inner Circle
Each sales level has a set amount of sales levels: Here is the current sales levels for 2015!
President’s Club–$10,000
  • Rewards:
    • › 40% earnings guaranteed and 25% on fixed earnings items
    • › Order up to 3 demos of any product in each What’s New
    • › Invitation to President’s Recognition Program Division Gala Event
    • › Celebrate your birthday and holidays with the gift of 25 points*
    • Toll-free number for account services
    • › Advance Brochure program—receive a brochure 2 campaigns early for a small fee**
    • › Exclusive Product Gift presented at PRP Division Gala Event for highest level of achievement
    • › Achievement pin presented at PRP Division Gala Event for highest level of achievement
    • › 400 Points to redeem for the Mrs. Albee Award or to use toward other items available on Rewards HQ—the choice is yours!

Honors Society–$20,000

  • Rewards:
    • Privileges of New Level 1/President’s Club Membership…plus:
    • › Order up to 5 demos of any product in each What’s New
    • › President’s Recognition Program Division Gala Event invitation for you and a guest
    • › Special Recognition and offers at the 4th Quarter Seasonal Event
    • › 800 points

Rose Circle–$35,000

  • Rewards
    • Privileges of the Previous Levels…plus:
    • › 45% Earnings guaranteed (25% on fixed-earnings items)
    • › Order up to 10 demos of any product in each What’s New
    • › 1,600 Points

McConnell Club–$65,000

  • Rewards
    • Privileges of the Previous Levels…plus:
    • › Order up to 15 demos of any product in each What’s New
    • › 5,000 Points

President’s Council–$110,000

  • Rewards
    • Privileges of the Previous Levels…plus:
    • › Five-day, four-night holiday in a luxury hotel to attend the President’s Recognition Program Celebration for you and a free guest
    • › Special consideration for product inventory priority
    • › Special toll-free number to Springdale Sales Operation Specialists
    • › 10,000 points

President’s Inner Circle–$220,000

  • Rewards
    • Privileges of the Previous Levels…plus:
    • › 50% Earnings guaranteed (25% on fixed-earnings items)
    • › A five-day, four-night holiday in a luxury hotel to attend the President’s Recognition Program Celebration for you and a free guest
    • › Spirit of Albee Award, presented at the President’s Recognition Program Celebration to Inner Circle members
    • who are Senior Executive Unit Leaders or above
    • › Special Inner Circle Reward Dollars
    • › 15,000 points
To view more information on the sales levels and their achievements click here: CLICK!
For more information or tips go to
To Sell Avon: Go to and use reference code: CAROLINE089