I’ve started an Avon team! Now what…?

Congratulations! You have taken your Avon business to the next level and have joined up in leadership! Fabulous!!

This sounds exciting and I am sure you are hyped up about your first recruit right? Who wouldn’t be?

You have a meeting with your recruit, going over all of the details…you make sure she or he is aware of what they need to do to start their Avon business. You answer any questions they may have at the meeting, and then offer a few extra books and some extra material on getting them familar with the youravon.com website as well as taking the training. You tell them to focus on getting orders and taking payment, the rest you can walk them through later.

You shake their hand, welcome them to the team, and are super happy you can start building your team now!

You then decide you need to build up your team more…you start adding that you are recruiting to all of your labels, you begin promoting online that you are looking to grow your team! You tell them about all the benefits Avon has to offer and the people you get to sign up whether it be online or in person you go over everything with them, making sure they are off to a good start.

Then….the inevitable happens.

A few of your team members get discouraged because they aren’t collecting any orders. Some are having a difficult time collecting payment up front. Others have not even put in their first order yet from the time you signed them up. You look at your downline manager in disarray wondering how in the world this could have happened? You made yourself available, offered all the help that you could give, and yet some just aren’t performing or even motivated to try. What are you doing wrong?

First of all….
Don’t blame yourself. If you are making every effort to help your team members, then you are doing exactly what a leader should. Granted, you can’t do this business for them. They have to want it and you wanting it for them will only leave you more stressed out then you were before.

Second of all…
NEXT!!!!! Keep digging for those gems in the dirt! They are there somewhere but you have to find them. For the people who complain that Avon never does right by them, that blame you for their problems, that say they aren’t making money because they aren’t putting forth the effort, they aren’t worth your time. It can be about the numbers. That is the truth and I will not lie to you. The reason being is that some people may not be as passionate about Avon as others. You have to continue to find those diamonds in the rough! ((Aladdin reference!))
    People like that tend to feel like if they can’t get rich quick and if they don’t see results instantly, then they aren’t going to stick around for long. Avon is not a get rich quick scheme, it takes time, patience, and persistence to be successful. Keep finding the ones who treat Avon seriously, those are the ones you need to hang on to!

Make sure you are helping those who are WANTING Avon to be their way towards financial independence. People that you can sit down with, prepare a business plan, have team meetings with, discuss the things that are and are not working for you and her, those are the team members worth keeping.


1) Add your team mates on facebook, e-mail, twitter, instagram, or whatever methods of communication you have with them. Text, call, message them often. (Not everyday, but maybe once or twice a month) Check on your team mates and ask how they are doing. Offer suggestions to increase sales if they are struggling

2) Encourage your team mates! When you see them put in an order, even if it’s a small one, commemorate them on their success. Saying things like, “I see you put in an order and your sales have increased! Great job!” or even, “I saw you got a new online order! Congrats!” When your team has a cheer leader they will feel great and you may even see their performance increase as they get more comfortable with their business.

3) Go out and recruit, tailgate, toss, together! Do events together with your team mates, show them how to offer the opportunity of Avon to someone if they are interested in leadership. Teach them what to say, as well as how to ask open-ended questions. When they learn to do it through you, they will gain confidence knowing they can do it by themselves too!

4) Have team meetings! Team meetings are a great way to talk with your team mates in a group to discuss what may or may not be working in their business. You can bounce ideas off of one another for methods of improvement and even make a party out of it! Offer pizza and drinks when your team comes together. Laugh! You are with the people who want to really build their business as much as you do!

5) Be available but not overbearing. Some people do better when they figure things out on their own rather then relying on someone else for help. Let those team mates be. If they want your help, you are only a phone call away and they can ask for it. Make sure to send out a reminder every now and then that you are there for them should they need you. You may have other representatives who might need more encouragement and help then others. Make sure you tend to them as well! I am not saying do everything for them, but teach them how to do what they need to do. Your team is your family, so take care of them and they will take care of you!

For more videos, tips, and training visit my website! www.businesswithbeauty.com

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