Avon is out of stock of my product….now what?

Oh gosh, I can’t tell you how many times I have been frustrated because Avon doesn’t have something in stock, they no longer sell it anymore, or it is on backorder.

Raise your hand if you are a current representative and you have this problem? I imagine that there are a lot of hands raised right now…and I understand….BUT sitting here moping about it, complaining that Avon can’t do stuff right, and consistently bashing the company because they have such high demand for product all the time, doesn’t solve the problem. YOU as the representative should be the problem solver. Granted I have called Avon before and told them a thing or two about how ridiculous it is to offer something and it be out of stock, especially during the holidays when people are Christmas shopping.

Now, lets say your customer needs their products right away! It is of dire importance they get it before Christmas so to speak….your job as a representative is to put in the best customer service as possible! If you aren’t a member of the Avon facebook groups you should be!

Here’s a few links of the groups I am associated with for finding products:

These are just a few to name and there may be more but it has helped me tremendously with finding products! Normally reps will sell them to you at cost, not brochure price so that way you still make profit.

Another thing you can do to find the product is shop on your Avon online store. You know, the one where you can go to http://www.youravon.com/XXXXX and see if Avon has anything of what you are looking for online. The online store normally gets their stock from another warehouse so it can be useful, plus you would get credit when you order from yourself 🙂 Win Win!

Lastly, if the product needs to be replaced, or isn’t the right product you can always contact Avon themselves and let them know that what you received is wrong and you need a replacement. Avon will usually replace it to you and ship it with your next order.

How to deal with the IRATE customers:

These are the customers who get upset when they have to wait for products longer then expected.

The best way I do it is say something like this:

“I am terribly sorry that Avon has sent the wrong item or didn’t meet your expectations with the product. Avon does back its products up with a 100% refund guarantee. I will refund or ask for a replacement for your product, and also offer you a FREE gift since you have to wait a little longer. Again I am sorry for the inconvience but I promise I will make this right for you.”

I have NEVER had a customer turn down a free gift. Normally these gifts include little things like hand creams that are $1.00, lip balms, chap sticks, things of that nature. I usually give them a hand cream and a lip balm, wrapped in a plastic bag with a piece of candy as a little gift. Inexpensive and easy 🙂

Most of all…this is your business! Things like this WILL happen, and getting upset about it isn’t going to help you make any more money. But I promise that if you offer your customers great service, they will continue to order from you, even if products are unavailable sometimes.

For more help visit my website! www.businesswithbeauty.com

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