I am not making money with Avon, what am I doing wrong?

The topic of the day for Avon is money management. I have Representatives approach me all the time complaining that they are not making money with Avon. They aren’t sure what they are doing wrong.
My answer to that is that it isn’t necessarily what you are doing wrong, you just aren’t doing ENOUGH RIGHT. This can be changed easily!
Owning your own business requires managing your money. There are things that are important to help promote your business but you also need to consider how to not OVERUSE your budget.
I want you to think of managing your money in 7 easy steps that I have considered. Using the word:  PAID-UP
P-PREPARE(This means figure out what will work best for you money wise. Do you have a car? Do you have a helper that will allow you to go out and deliver orders for you? Do you have specific delivery days you deliver orders rather than driving all over the place all the time and wasting gas? What is the type of budget you want to use? How much do you plan to spend on your Avon business a month? These are all things to consider and it takes preparation to budget your business!
A-AVON MONEY APART FROM PERSONAL MONEY– This is important! You do not want to spend all of your money on your business to the point where you have no money for yourself, OR vice versa. You don’t want to spend all of your Avon money on yourself and leave yourself in debt to Avon owing them money for products you haven’t paid for. In my business, I have 2 checking accounts. Both in my name, but I have one for Avon and another for myself. It helps A LOT! I can see the money I can spend and invest in compared to having it all jumbled together with my personal money.
I-INVEST but DON’T OBSESS!! That old saying “You have to spend money to make money” is true. Your Avon business is what you make out of it. That means you need to INVEST in your business, BUT don’t OVERDO it. Your brochures are needed to build you business, and most people shop with their EYES anyway. Samples are great, but they AREN’T required. BUSINESS cards are helpful but also not required. The only thing you really need to grow is your Avon brochure. If you are just starting out and on a budget, consider JUST getting brochures. Start with what you can afford to invest in, and then grow from there. If you have a little extra to invest in brochures in a campaign, instead of ordering 20 brochures, order 30. The more you grow, so will your business. All the other stuff can come later.
D-DEPENDABLE AND CONSISTENT– This is an important quality to have as an Avon Representative. You need to be dependable, and consistent. Follow up with your customers whether it be through e-mail, text, or phone call.(This is using consistency) Let them know you are placing your AVON order and ask if there is anything that you can get them from the brochure. Once you get their orders, be dependable and deliver when you say you will deliver. Let them know you will include a new brochure to order from for the following campaign with their order. If you provide excellent customer service, your customers will keep coming back and you will continue to make money.
U-Undervalue=Underpaid. When you undervalue your products by offering high discounts or always giving away things, you aren’t making money…YOU ARE LOSING MONEY! When customers are always getting discounts, they will expect them all the time and eventually will take YOU for granted. Don’t let someone take you for granted.  Avon products are already offered at a pretty inexpensive price, so offering a 30-40% discount means you LOSE money. Discounts are great, but only offer them occasionally. Have faith and express your love for Avon as much as possible. If you don’t believe in your products, neither will your clients.
P-PAY BEFORE THEY ORDER. When you receive a new order from a customer, ask them if they will be paying with cash, or debit/credit card today? Immediately ask for payment or at least 60% deposit upfront.  If they say they can’t pay, they have at least 2 weeks to get you payment before the orders go in. IF the customer still can’t pay let them know that there is no pressure and when they are ready to pay, you would be more than happy to put the order in for them. If they get upset, then move on. This is YOUR business and letting SOMEONE ELSE tell you how to run it will not help you succeed.
I hope this helps when you are trying to figure out how to manage your money with AVON. Just remember to MOVE UP you have to be PAID-UP!

Visit my website for more tips and ideas! www.businesswithbeauty.com

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