Building Confidence with Avon

Avon is a great way to boost your confidence level. Even a shy person can sell Avon if they really put forth the effort! The best way to build your confidence is to step out of your comfort zone. Yes, that means going out and TALKING to people. I know though, that sounds so easy to do when we talk about it, but that moment when you go out and have to do it, I guarantee you these thoughts will pass through your head:

“Oh God, okay, I can do this. There’s a lady over there that looks like she could use an Avon brochure…”
“I can do this….I don’t want to bother her while she’s eating though I will wait till she is finished.”

“Okay she’s done, I can go over there now…”
“What am I going to say? Geez I rehearsed this a million times….okay get it together you can do this…”
“Oh she’s throwing away her trash…I can do this…I just have to get up and hand her a brochure…”
“She looks unhappy though, kinda has a mean scowl on her face…she’ll probably say no”
“Nah, I don’t think this is a good idea…she might be rude or something.”

Do you see what just happened? YOU became YOUR worst enemy!! YOU told YOURSELF NO because you were afraid of the outcome….Hmmm…did you manage to get the customer that way? No. Did you help yourself out and step out of your comfort zone? No. 

FEAR can encourage you to hold back on things that might actually be good for you in the long run. It is getting past those fears that will help you grow your business. Maybe try bringing a friend with you to motivate you to talk to a stranger, rather than backing out. Maybe give yourself a goal. (OKAY SO I AM NOT GOING HOME UNTIL I HAND OUT THESE 5 BROCHURES IN MY PURSE!) 

Set your mind to accomplish something like that today and then go out and do it! You can’t make money sitting at the computer constantly looking for the “RIGHT WAY” to sell Avon. The “RIGHT WAY” starts with you. YOU need to work the business, and YOU need to be able to discover your OWN way that works for you. Not someone else’s. 

People can offer suggestions, ideas, comments, videos, etc. But if you aren’t working your business, you aren’t making money! So let me ask you….how have you worked your Avon business today?

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