Can you make money selling Avon?

Okay, so the question is…Can you make money selling Avon?

The answer is….that all depends on you! 

Avon has been around for over 125+ years in the direct selling business so obviously for a company that has been around that long, there has to be something that they are doing that is working. Many representatives are benefitting from the fruits of their labor such as Top SEUL(Senior Executive Unit Leader)s and National SEULs. See an interview conducted with NSEUL Lisa Wilbur here. They had to start from the bottom to get to where they are now. So, let’s take a moment to look at the facts.

How much does it cost to start?
Avon is now $15 to start selling and that includes your business kit that comes with a tote bag, training supplies, 20 brochures (10 for your first campaign and 10 for your second) full size products that you can use yourself or sell to make a profit, however you choose, demo packets, a “Into the Mindset of the Entrepreneur” DVD, and samples. This is a decently sized kit that will surely get things up and running in your Avon business.

Are there any hidden fees or expense?

After you have paid the $15 appointment kit fee, there are some additional costs to take into consideration. Keep in mind that this is a business so some of the money you make will have to go back into INVESTING in your business.
  • You are responsible for buying your own Avon catalogs. The beginning amount for a pack of 10 brochures is $6.50 and then get cheaper the more you buy. As a new rep I recommend starting out with 20 or 30 and  then as your business grows, you can order more brochures to give to more customers. 

English and Spanish Brochure Pricing
Order in Packs of 10. Buy more and save more! Take advantage of discounted quantity pricing.
# Brochures
Cost Ea.
10 brochures
20 brochures
30 brochures
40 brochures
50 brochures
60 brochures
70 brochures
80 brochures
90 brochures
100 brochures
$21.49 for the first 10 packs plus $1.69 for each additional pack

Please Note: A 5 pack of brochures in Spanish is available for purchase for $3.99

  •  There is also a One Simple Standard Fee which starts at $6.95 with each campaign you order. This fee is charged in place of per customer charge. You can recover the cost when you collect the $0.75 charge for each customer who places an order. This fee is yours to keep to help cover the cost of running your own business and the cost of your materials.

  • You may also want to consider in investing in samples and other sales tools like bags. Some samples are as little as $4.00 for a roll of 100 fragrance samples, and bags can be as little as $1.00 or $2.00 depending on the size bag you want. (Although samples and bags aren’t required, they do help)

What will my profit be if I sell Avon?
Avon has changed the policy now that EVERY rep, new or old can make the same profit. Below I have included a chart that has the updated percentages you can make with Avon.
You can see from looking at the chart, that you do NOT have a minimum order requirement…BUT if you want to make any earnings you would need to sell at least $50. Now, think about this….the average customer orders around $20-30 of products per campaign. So if you find at least 5 customers you’ve already reached your $50 mark to make a profit. 
So let’s do a scenario….say you manage to obtain 6 customers your first campaign. These customers are your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. Great job! Now let’s say each customer has a $20 order.
6X20=$120 (So you have sold about $120 worth). Now you place your first order, but you have to remember you need supplies to build your business. Since you are on a budget, lets say you only want to order about 20 books. You don’t want samples yet because you haven’t made a whole lot yet. You do want some Avon bags to put your orders in. Normally Avon plastic bags average about $1.00-$2.50 depending on the size.
Order total: $120 (20% off since you sold over $50)-$24.00<–(discount)=$96.00
Taxes (Where I live the sales tax is 6%, your sales tax may be different):  $5.76
Shipping Charge: $6.95
Brochures: $8.89
Bags (25 come in a pack): $1.00
Total amount due for the order: $118.60
Now, since you have sold over $50, you make 20% of that. Each customer you can charge a $0.75 cent charge for shipping to cover your shipping cost, (Or more if you are just starting out, some representatives have charged at least a $1.00). And then of course you have to charge your customers tax. So each customer has a $20 order.
Customer order: $20
Shipping Fee (For the sake of argument, you are just starting so say you want to charge $1.00): $1.00
Tax (6%):  $1.26
Total due from customer: $22.26
So multiply that total by 6 since all 6 of your customers have a $20 order. 22.26*6=$133.56
Now: $133.56-$118.60= $14.96 (So after your brochures and your bags you make a profit of about $15)
That doesn’t seem like much does it? Only $15? Well the next option for you would be to find more customers. You would need to start building your customer base. That means you would need to reach outside your comfort zone and start talking to people you DON’T know. 
New Scenario! You pass out 20 books and collect contact information from all of your new customers. You  follow up and let them know you are placing your order. You manage to get 12 new customers this time! Almost double then last time! Say all of those customers have a $20 order as well. 12X20=$240. You still have bags left over so you don’t need bags. The only thing you need is your brochures. Also since you have sold more than $150, your discount goes up! Now you have a discount of 30% off.
Order total: $240(30% off since you sold over $150)-$72.00<–(discount)=$168
Taxes (Where I live the sales tax is 6%, your sales tax may be different):  $10.08
Shipping Charge: $6.95
Brochures: $8.89
Total amount due for the order: $193.92
Now the customer:
$20+$1.00 (shipping fee still 1.00 until you make more profit)+tax (1.26)
Total due: $22.26
Now $267.12-193.92= $73.20
Your profit is $73! Not bad! You may continue this cycle for a little while. Maybe you start investing more in your books and possibly purchase a few samples. As your business starts to grow, so will your earnings.

Okay so pretty much the goal here is to find more customers. As your customers start to find you are trustworthy and dependable they will start to order more. That means more profit. All in all, its what you put into the business that you get out of it. 
Is selling Avon worth it? Absolutely! You just have to invest in it, put time into it, and work hard at it. No business is built over night and this is not a get rich quick scheme. Think about what you would do with that extra money, save some for your business and the rest can be used to do whatever you please! Imagine if you had been working this business consistently like that for 5 years or more…the amount of money you could make….
Don’t give up if you don’t see instant results….keep at it! Make your mark! Plant the seeds! 
As always…
Anytime…Anywhere…Always ask!

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