Building Confidence with Avon

Avon is a great way to boost your confidence level. Even a shy person can sell Avon if they really put forth the effort! The best way to build your confidence is to step out of your comfort zone. Yes, that means going out and TALKING to people. I know though, that sounds so easy to do when we talk about it, but that moment when you go out and have to do it, I guarantee you these thoughts will pass through your head:

“Oh God, okay, I can do this. There’s a lady over there that looks like she could use an Avon brochure…”
“I can do this….I don’t want to bother her while she’s eating though I will wait till she is finished.”

“Okay she’s done, I can go over there now…”
“What am I going to say? Geez I rehearsed this a million times….okay get it together you can do this…”
“Oh she’s throwing away her trash…I can do this…I just have to get up and hand her a brochure…”
“She looks unhappy though, kinda has a mean scowl on her face…she’ll probably say no”
“Nah, I don’t think this is a good idea…she might be rude or something.”

Do you see what just happened? YOU became YOUR worst enemy!! YOU told YOURSELF NO because you were afraid of the outcome….Hmmm…did you manage to get the customer that way? No. Did you help yourself out and step out of your comfort zone? No. 

FEAR can encourage you to hold back on things that might actually be good for you in the long run. It is getting past those fears that will help you grow your business. Maybe try bringing a friend with you to motivate you to talk to a stranger, rather than backing out. Maybe give yourself a goal. (OKAY SO I AM NOT GOING HOME UNTIL I HAND OUT THESE 5 BROCHURES IN MY PURSE!) 

Set your mind to accomplish something like that today and then go out and do it! You can’t make money sitting at the computer constantly looking for the “RIGHT WAY” to sell Avon. The “RIGHT WAY” starts with you. YOU need to work the business, and YOU need to be able to discover your OWN way that works for you. Not someone else’s. 

People can offer suggestions, ideas, comments, videos, etc. But if you aren’t working your business, you aren’t making money! So let me ask you….how have you worked your Avon business today?

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Are you working your business full time or part time?

How much money are you wanting to make with Avon? A little? or A lot? Do you just want to make enough to supplement your income or would you like to turn Avon into a career for yourself

This can be done but it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. You are not going to be successful overnight, but you have to understand that you CAN do anything you set your mind to do if you do your best and go after your goals.

What I normally do to help boost my business is keep a weekly calender on the wall as well as a weekly planner in my purse. The planner I use to jot down anything I might need to do throughout the week like: Go to the bank, deliver order to XXXX, go to these 3 places and hand them Avon books, etc. When I make a plan, its like I am putting my goal into action. The planner becomes a checklist of things to do.

Now, the weekly calender I use to help show what I did to work my business. Monday for example I will write: ADVERTISE ONLINE, PREPARE FOR EVENT SATURDAY! Tuesday may say something like: CALL/TEXT DOWNLINE TO REMIND ORDERS ARE DUE! PREPARE FOR EVENT SATURDAY! 

My planner is ALL of my daily activities and my calender includes my Avon business. Now you may be different, but for me, when I have something in hand I can look at, as well as a reminder at home, it keeps me motivated to continue working my business. 

Now…back to the full time or part time thing….What are some things you are doing to boost sales or earnings with Avon? Are you talking to at least 3 new people everyday? Are you wearing something that says AVON? Are you driving around with Avon decals on your car? Are you leaving books with local businesses? 

Post some comments! I want to hear from you about what you are doing! 🙂 

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How to get more Avon Customers.

So I know a lot of people ask consistently how to get more Avon customers both online and in person. Well I can help you with that! There are several different ways to reach out to others!

1) Go to local businesses and ask if you can leave a few books behind. These could be places like nail salons, hair salons, doctors offices, I have even left mine at the UPS store. Anywhere that has a waiting area is a good place to leave a book! 

2) Scout out other places! You may want to consider stopping into gas stations, maybe even leave one with the hotel clerks or cashiers at grocery stores. Just say something like, “I love how great you are with customers and I wanted to leave this here with you.” I haven’t hardly ever had anyone say no….BUT if you do get that dreaded “N” word…move on! Don’t take NO personally….if you rely on NO then all you are doing is setting yourself up for failure. Don’t think, “Oh that lady said No, this one may too…I don’t think I will leave one with her, she might get mad..” DON’T OVER THINK IT! YOU are your worst enemy! Get past yourself and your fears and you will be able to make it in this business!

3) Tailgating!!! During decent weather times, sometimes tailgating is a good way to get out there and work your business. You can set up a table in preferrably an empty lot somewhere, maybe leave a few books out, and bring someone with you! Go out with your team members or fellow representatives and build your business together! It is a whole lot more fun and a great way to interact with people. It has helped me get over my “shyness” of talking to others. Remember…practice makes PERFECT!

4) Tossing!! What’s that? Its where you take your brochures, preferrably your old ones you haven’t used, bag them up in a clear literature bag, and then toss them in driveways in neighborhoods. Never put a brochure in the mailbox as that is a federal offense, but if you put them in the driveway it is kind of like tossing a newspaper. Usually I put a tag on mine that says: “SAMPLE BROCHURE< CALL OR TEXT FOR CURRENT PRICING OR SHOP ONLINE AT; Don't let the "NO SOLICITING" thing scare you. If someone calls you up and complain, offer an apology, tell them you will no longer toss in the neighborhood. Some people can be that way sometimes….but remember, you are just working your business. Don't let nasty mean people get the better of you! You are in this to succeed!

5) Events! Events are a fantastic way to work your business. What I have done is partnered with local reps and we all pitched in to put up a table. We would talk about the Avon opportunity as well as sell some of our inventory (Which isn’t required to have by the way). We had a decent turnaround and I had gotten a lot of leads and even 2 sign ups! So if you are ever deciding to do an event, talk with other reps or your team and see if you all can pitch in for a table or to work together to build your business. Make it fun! Have raffle drawings or a spinning wheel where people can win prizes. Don’t forget to have them fill out a contact sheet with their information so you can follow up with them later!!

6) Market your business online! Tell all of your friends, family, co workers, neighbors, that you are an Avon representative on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest! Don’t consistently market every hour on the hour, but maybe post something once a day that is engaging and fun for people. Show them the upcoming products, ask what their favorite products are, maybe advertise the opportunity with “Who wants some extra Christmas cash??” Whatever you decide make it yours and then build it up! Facebook groups help a lot too!

7) Blog, Blog Blog!! Believe it or not, people do read those….like you are now! And when you blog its like you are offering facts and opinions for people to make their own personal insight on. Blogging allows you to discuss your Avon business to its full potential!

8) Offer a free gift or a discount for referrals! When you go to deliver your orders, leave them with a small gift (Like a 0.99 hand cream or body lotion) or a 10-15% discount for every customer they refer to you who places XXX amount of orders. I have done that before and it has worked out to where a lady I knew referred her sister, aunt, and grandmother to me!

9) FOLLOW UP!!!! Yes…the big “F” word! You have to get contact information from your customers to let them know when your orders go in. When you go to a store to check out, don’t they usually ask for your phone number and e-mail address? That is how they keep you up to date on discounts and promotions right? Avon is the same way, and the business aspect is the same way. E-mail, text, or call your customers and say “Hey, I am placing my Avon order right now and was wondering if you had a chance to look at the latest brochure? Did you find something you might be interested in getting?” Always ask an open ended question to engage your customers in conversation. Following up is NOT annoying your customers, it is GOOD customer service and many times I have called and customers have been like, “OH! I am so glad you called, there was something I wanted to order this time! Let me grab the book real quick!” 

10) WEAR SOMETHING THAT SAYS AVON! Be a walking billboard and advertise your business! Wear a tshirt that says Avon, or an Avon pin! Carry a tote bag or purse that says Avon on it or “Ask me for an Avon brochure!” People can’t approach you if you aren’t displaying your business!

11) HAVE FUN!!! Most importantly, when you are out prospecting customers, have fun with it! 
Smile, have a conversation! It shows that you are truely passionate about Avon and also about your customers. They want to be treated special, and since you are the Avon lady, they have come to the right person!

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Can you make money selling Avon?

Okay, so the question is…Can you make money selling Avon?

The answer is….that all depends on you! 

Avon has been around for over 125+ years in the direct selling business so obviously for a company that has been around that long, there has to be something that they are doing that is working. Many representatives are benefitting from the fruits of their labor such as Top SEUL(Senior Executive Unit Leader)s and National SEULs. See an interview conducted with NSEUL Lisa Wilbur here. They had to start from the bottom to get to where they are now. So, let’s take a moment to look at the facts.

How much does it cost to start?
Avon is now $15 to start selling and that includes your business kit that comes with a tote bag, training supplies, 20 brochures (10 for your first campaign and 10 for your second) full size products that you can use yourself or sell to make a profit, however you choose, demo packets, a “Into the Mindset of the Entrepreneur” DVD, and samples. This is a decently sized kit that will surely get things up and running in your Avon business.

Are there any hidden fees or expense?

After you have paid the $15 appointment kit fee, there are some additional costs to take into consideration. Keep in mind that this is a business so some of the money you make will have to go back into INVESTING in your business.
  • You are responsible for buying your own Avon catalogs. The beginning amount for a pack of 10 brochures is $6.50 and then get cheaper the more you buy. As a new rep I recommend starting out with 20 or 30 and  then as your business grows, you can order more brochures to give to more customers. 

English and Spanish Brochure Pricing
Order in Packs of 10. Buy more and save more! Take advantage of discounted quantity pricing.
# Brochures
Cost Ea.
10 brochures
20 brochures
30 brochures
40 brochures
50 brochures
60 brochures
70 brochures
80 brochures
90 brochures
100 brochures
$21.49 for the first 10 packs plus $1.69 for each additional pack

Please Note: A 5 pack of brochures in Spanish is available for purchase for $3.99

  •  There is also a One Simple Standard Fee which starts at $6.95 with each campaign you order. This fee is charged in place of per customer charge. You can recover the cost when you collect the $0.75 charge for each customer who places an order. This fee is yours to keep to help cover the cost of running your own business and the cost of your materials.

  • You may also want to consider in investing in samples and other sales tools like bags. Some samples are as little as $4.00 for a roll of 100 fragrance samples, and bags can be as little as $1.00 or $2.00 depending on the size bag you want. (Although samples and bags aren’t required, they do help)

What will my profit be if I sell Avon?
Avon has changed the policy now that EVERY rep, new or old can make the same profit. Below I have included a chart that has the updated percentages you can make with Avon.
You can see from looking at the chart, that you do NOT have a minimum order requirement…BUT if you want to make any earnings you would need to sell at least $50. Now, think about this….the average customer orders around $20-30 of products per campaign. So if you find at least 5 customers you’ve already reached your $50 mark to make a profit. 
So let’s do a scenario….say you manage to obtain 6 customers your first campaign. These customers are your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. Great job! Now let’s say each customer has a $20 order.
6X20=$120 (So you have sold about $120 worth). Now you place your first order, but you have to remember you need supplies to build your business. Since you are on a budget, lets say you only want to order about 20 books. You don’t want samples yet because you haven’t made a whole lot yet. You do want some Avon bags to put your orders in. Normally Avon plastic bags average about $1.00-$2.50 depending on the size.
Order total: $120 (20% off since you sold over $50)-$24.00<–(discount)=$96.00
Taxes (Where I live the sales tax is 6%, your sales tax may be different):  $5.76
Shipping Charge: $6.95
Brochures: $8.89
Bags (25 come in a pack): $1.00
Total amount due for the order: $118.60
Now, since you have sold over $50, you make 20% of that. Each customer you can charge a $0.75 cent charge for shipping to cover your shipping cost, (Or more if you are just starting out, some representatives have charged at least a $1.00). And then of course you have to charge your customers tax. So each customer has a $20 order.
Customer order: $20
Shipping Fee (For the sake of argument, you are just starting so say you want to charge $1.00): $1.00
Tax (6%):  $1.26
Total due from customer: $22.26
So multiply that total by 6 since all 6 of your customers have a $20 order. 22.26*6=$133.56
Now: $133.56-$118.60= $14.96 (So after your brochures and your bags you make a profit of about $15)
That doesn’t seem like much does it? Only $15? Well the next option for you would be to find more customers. You would need to start building your customer base. That means you would need to reach outside your comfort zone and start talking to people you DON’T know. 
New Scenario! You pass out 20 books and collect contact information from all of your new customers. You  follow up and let them know you are placing your order. You manage to get 12 new customers this time! Almost double then last time! Say all of those customers have a $20 order as well. 12X20=$240. You still have bags left over so you don’t need bags. The only thing you need is your brochures. Also since you have sold more than $150, your discount goes up! Now you have a discount of 30% off.
Order total: $240(30% off since you sold over $150)-$72.00<–(discount)=$168
Taxes (Where I live the sales tax is 6%, your sales tax may be different):  $10.08
Shipping Charge: $6.95
Brochures: $8.89
Total amount due for the order: $193.92
Now the customer:
$20+$1.00 (shipping fee still 1.00 until you make more profit)+tax (1.26)
Total due: $22.26
Now $267.12-193.92= $73.20
Your profit is $73! Not bad! You may continue this cycle for a little while. Maybe you start investing more in your books and possibly purchase a few samples. As your business starts to grow, so will your earnings.

Okay so pretty much the goal here is to find more customers. As your customers start to find you are trustworthy and dependable they will start to order more. That means more profit. All in all, its what you put into the business that you get out of it. 
Is selling Avon worth it? Absolutely! You just have to invest in it, put time into it, and work hard at it. No business is built over night and this is not a get rich quick scheme. Think about what you would do with that extra money, save some for your business and the rest can be used to do whatever you please! Imagine if you had been working this business consistently like that for 5 years or more…the amount of money you could make….
Don’t give up if you don’t see instant results….keep at it! Make your mark! Plant the seeds! 
As always…
Anytime…Anywhere…Always ask!